Elliot Smith Dies At 34
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Singer/songwriter Elliott Smith was found near death in his Los Angeles apartment yesterday (Oct. 21) after an apparent suicide attempt, according to reports. Smith, 34, was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center. An apparent self-inflicted knife wound was found on the body.

Smith battled drug addiction for several years and frequently sung about the subject through a series of acclaimed albums for the Kill Rock Stars and DreamWorks labels. "Miss Misery," his contribution to the 1997 film "Good Will Hunting," was nominated for the best song Oscar.

The artist had been working on a new studio album for DreamWorks, "From a Basement on the Hill," but the project had been on and off the label's release schedule for some time. Over the past year, he returned to performing live, but the shows were often erratic, leading some to believe that Smith was again battling addiction.

Smith was slated to perform next month at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Los Angeles.

Here is what was original post by Kriss Stress:

Imagine the shock of many of us to wake up this morning and discover the news that this prolific and talented artist has passed on. In researching, it has been found out this letter from Elliot's good friend Charlie is indeed legitimate.

as you probably realize im pretty devastated about having to say goodbye to elliott. i've been so lucky enough to experience my own love and other's love of elliott and what his music has brought to us. its never easy to put into words what someone means to you. simply elliott was such a lovely man. i'll miss him so much. he was so kind and generous. he really made me feel so good whether being in his presence or watching him play a song or just driving in my car singing along. when i first meet elliott in 1998 after a show i was really worried to bug him for an autograph. it seemed like every article i read, elliott got into a fight somehow, so my perception was that you don't want to get him mad because you might get socked. well i was willing to take a chance that night and god i'm so glad i did. it was brief but it meant the world. with elliott holding a beer, i ran up to him asking for an autograph. with a soft spoken yes and a smile, he was willing to take time for me to sign my record. the fact he was willing to take time to do that for me meant the world. not only didn't i get socked but elliott put 'to charlie <3 elliott' of course that just made me love him more :) as time went on, i got to meet elliott more and more and spend a little time with him backstage. as always he was sweet to me before even knowing who i was. but finally i told him. i was nervous but he was so comforting. he even gave me a pat on the back. some of the things he told me were cool, interesting, honest and funny. the best moment to me was when he told me how much he loved the site. the thing is that it reflects on everyone who contributed to the site and visited the site. elliott told me he thought the site was really nice and that he would come and visit it especially to check out the set lists to see what he played before so he could play a new set. he thanked me for it but really he was thanking everyone because he appreciated how much everyone cared about what he was doing. he also thanked us multiple times! so many times people close to elliott thanked us for doing this for elliott too because they knew how much it meant to him. you guys really did make him happy and brought a lot of good to his life. as fans gave to him, he was willing to give too. all the stories i read and heard from fans were never negative. everyone's experience with elliott was always positive. from elliott putting fans who didn't get tickets for the show on his guest list to giving money to the homeless to simply hanging out with fans and going out for a beer. i wish i could put so much more because that just doesn't add to all the kind things he was willing to do for anyone. i wish i could remember everyone's stories and list them all for you. i wish i knew every word he said to me word for word to share with you. im sorry i wish i could say more. im sad. so how can you say goodbye to someone who was and is so wonderful? you don't because elliott will be forever in my heart and hopefully yours. i will always have his love, kindness, intelligence, humbleness, creativeness, greatness and so much more in me forever because that's what he was and i'll always love him for being who he was. i love you so much elliott. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul for making me happy when i need it or i just wanted to rock out. thank you for bringing such much joy to your love ones, family, your friends and all of us. i really pray you heard all the great things you gave us. love and friends. i'll miss you so much. we will all miss you. see you in heaven elliott.

<3 charlie

Steven Paul (Elliott) Smith. August 6, 1969 October 21, 2003.

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