019. What Does it Mean to ‘Wash One Another’s Feet’, and Why It’s Not Totally Gross.


“Whose Feet Do I Want to Wash?” is probably a question we don’t ask a whole lot. It kind of ranks up there with “Which one of my eyes do I want to poke with this stick?” or “Which Star Wars Prequel should I watch?” Continue Reading →

018. What’s So Wrong With the Phrase “Be True to Yourself”?


One of the most bogus phrases in movies and society is “Be true to yourself”. The other most bogus phrase is “delicious salad”. Continue Reading →

017. Does God Want Me to Stay or Go?


Sometimes we get stuck in a situation where we don’t know if God is pushing us out or just wants to grow our patience. Continue Reading →

016. Pray for a Democrat/Republican, Exes, Enemies? Yeah, right.


It’s really easy to get lost in politics. How often do we demonize people of the opposing party? Democrats want to kill babies. Republicans want to kill the poor. The Americans on the other side of the aisle aren’t really even our enemies — that would be Iran, North Korea, and that stupid McAfee Antivirus software that comes with most Windows computers. Continue Reading →

134. Why Do I Suffer? Reason #4: Position


Do you ever look back and notice you wouldn’t be in a better place if it weren’t for some bad past events? Walt Disney was fired as a newspaper editor. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. And Luke Skywalker’s uncle and aunt were killed. Continue Reading →

133. Why Do I Suffer? (Reason #3, To Glorify God? Huh?)


Sometimes the cause of our suffering is consequences of actions by others or us. Just think about how much suffering was caused by Hitler, or Nero, or Voldemort. Continue Reading →

132. Why Do I Suffer? Reason #2


There are a few different reasons how our suffering can turn out for good. Sometimes it’s really hard to see it, especially if our suffering involves ‘health foods’. Continue Reading →

076. True Meaning of Christmas? So What?


During this Christmas time it’s easy to say, “let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas.” It’s also easy to say, “I’m going to eat three pounds of pork rinds.” But some things are easier said than done. Continue Reading →

131. Why Do I Suffer? (Part II)


Do you ever wonder what the whole point of all our hardships is? Why do we have health issues? Why do we struggle financially? Why did they make Indiana Jones 4? Continue Reading →

130. Why Do I Suffer? (Part 1: Why is There Suffering?)


Life just seems to be full of suffering. There are breakups, disease, disasters and AT&T’s customer service. Continue Reading →

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