What is My Calling?

A calling is a command from God. Our general calling is to Love God and Others (Matt 22:36-40) but we all have our individual way of carrying that general commands out. In a practical sense “Love others” means to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of your family and … Continue reading

What is God’s Goal for Us?

God’s goal for you is to make you like Christ (Romans 8:29). This is called sanctification. He uses all of life including trials and tribulations to strengthen Christ-like traits in us. Just like physical exercise makes our body suffer in order you strengthen us, trials are spiritual exercises that strengthens Christ-like traits … Continue reading

What is Faith?

Faith has three parts to be real faith:

3 Elements of Faith: Knowing God’s Word + Believing in God’s Word + Obeying God’s Word
Heb 4:12, 2 Tim 3:16-17, Psalm 119:11

  • Knowing God’s Word – You must know the right data, which is only found in God’s Word, not in … Continue reading